Facebook Credible Source

Marcello Di Giovanni
3 min readJul 29, 2016

“You also read news on Facebook? They are all hoaxes!” .
“I will not report false news, I would like it to Facebook select for me the news from credible sources”.
I don’t know that looking at the link below the Fb content I can understand that it is an unreliable website”.


Facebook is also used to read news. Many times the users share the fake news from blogs or websites, news that often provoke unnecessary anger especially for those who can not verify the source.
I’m showing a new way to find credible and reliable news/contents shared on Facebook.

Perhaps in all countries it exudes an unnecessary anxiety about the future, people who create sites (Many still with wordpress link) and spin as the totally false information chains.
In Italian immigrants housed in luxurious hotels with a swimming pool or ministers billion gain. The people believe in everything and spreads this content. This causes anger, discontent and we tend to avoid the use of Facebook as a resource.
Then Facebook risks becoming itself unreliable. For many, the news spread on Facebook already are considered unreliable.

I made three possibilities to highlight the reliability of the source.
Users must be able to understand where it comes from the news and consider it valid. Facebook should give priority to the news/content of the recognized pages valid and reliable, the pages of the sites awarded the badge.
Many trusted sites have already been verified and it is a plus to take advantage!

A news content shared will be considered valid when it is valid the source from which it comes: Every website that wants to be recognized as valid will therefore have a FB page verified with badge and site links.

All of these sites will have the budge Credible Source or similar graphics and news shared from that Website/Page Fb will be recognized as credible by users.

Beacause st is a major problem that must be resolved. Facebook is in danger of becoming a place where the false reports creates anger, and a future user awareness of all this will make Facebook an unreliable service.

Facebook becomes better. In our Newsfeed you will immediately recognize reliable news/content and prevent the spreading hoaxes.
We remain connected with the world, hoaxes are dangerous!

— Credible contents from credible source — #FacebookDesignCrit

My project is on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41055689/Facebook-Credible-Source